I am Stryker Pro.

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About Stryker Pro

I am a Strike Fitness Product that serves beginners and professional athletes alike. Boxers and Fighters like me as much as Martial Artists. I am fully Portable and easily Adjustable. Make me your training partner today in the name of better Health and Fitness.

I am Flexible.
Take me with you. Take me on business. I am a world traveler. I am easily adjustable and fully portable weighing about 30 pounds. Put me away in a closet or pack me away under a bed. You set the terms of your training.

I am Motivation.
Just about everybody likes to hit stuff. Ever hit a heavy bag too hard and hurt your wrist? Don’t go there again. The reflexive action of my targets makes it feel similar to a speed bag that boxers use…not too hard, not too soft.  When you pair me with Stryker Pro Online Training, nothing can stop you.

I am Fun.
Face the music. There are no secrets to losing weight and becoming your fitter, healthier self. You have to work your butt off. Well, there may be one: Disguised Repetition. The secret is to disguise all of the hard work it takes to get results. With me, you’ll be training, but it won’t seem like work.

I am Unique.
People workout with me because of the experience. They can take me anywhere. I hardly take up any room. My targets are adjusted in seconds, and at around 30 pounds, I am not a burden to setup or use. I am a patent-pending product that wants to be in every home and gym in America, starting with yours. Take me home!

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I am the the Portable Strike Fitness System!

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